Ayurvedic Treatment: how it happens

01 The first consultation

Диагностика по пульсу: Клиника Аюрведы Veda Lanka
Диагностика по пульсу: Клиника Аюрведы Veda Lanka

Ayurvedic doctor within an hour interrogates you (get ready for a variety of issues - from the disease in the family until the last analysis), conducts foreign diagnostics - examines the skin, the condition of nails, whites of the eyes, tongue, hair, palpate and diagnoses on the pulse.

If you have any tests or shots better take them with you.

All information entered in your individual patient's chart.


The diagnosis doctor determines:

01 Your type of constitution or Prakriti (predisposition to diseases, character type, body)

02 Which of the three components of the body (DOSHA) is not in balance at the moment (which caused a painful condition)

03 Dietary recommendations for bringing the body into balance (what products the best time to eat)

04 Recommendations for daily routine to improve the body (how much sleep, eat, etc.)

05 Is an individual plan procedures (massages, oils, grinding powders, steam drums, leeches)

06 Assigns Ayurvedic natural products (form or powders, pastes, decoctions, tinctures, extracts)

In printed form, you get an individual diet in English and treatment plan in the afternoons.

02 Therapeutic Ayurvedic treatments

Most of the procedures in Ayurveda stunningly pleasant, they are directed not only to cure the body, but also spiritual harmonization, give the body vitality and relaxation. A mixture of oils and herbal pastes for procedures composed of fresh herbs for each patient individually. Ayurvedic treatments are often used:

Abhyanga – Ayurvedic oil massage
Shiro Abhyanga - Ayurvedic head massage with medicated oils
Navarakishi - therapy by applying hot bags of rice decoction
Soma – synchronized oil massage 4 hands
Pinda Sweda - therapy with the application of hot herbal pouches
Udgharshana - dry massage with medicated powder
Shiro Dhara - therapy pouring streams of warm medicated oil on the third eye
Sarvanga Dhara – therapy pouring warm medicated oil or milk overall body
Swedana – drug steam bath
Avagaha Sweda - herbal or floral warm bath
Padabhyanga - foot massage using special marma points
Pizhichil - compress of warm medicated oil on the body
Udvartana - purifying Ayurvedic body massage with herbal paste
Mukh Abhyanga – Ayurvedic facial massage with Marma points
Nashyakarma - ayurvedic therapy cleansing sinuses nasopharynx
Akshi Arpana - herbal oil eye therapy
Shiro Wasthi - oil crown on his head

03 Ayurvedic medicines

Аюрведические лекарства: Клиника Аюрведы Veda Lanka

All Ayurvedic medicines are made exclusively from natural ingredients. This may be an oil infused with herbs (more than 150 kinds of oils), vegetable materials, pressed into pellets, powders, teas, pastes, tinctures and alchemical preparations. Just in medicines use minerals such as powders of precious stones, gold or silver.

All medicines are manufactured according to ancient Ayurvedic recipes from fresh plants and their parts. Many medicines are manufactured immediately before use individually for the patient.

Cleansing the body of toxins at a deep, cellular level is performed using special concoctions (more than 30 species), which should be taken only in the form of freshly prepared. For each patient regarding (detoxifying broth) were prepared with the sunrise that would start the day by waking up with cleansing.

04 Accompaniment throughout treatment

After the initial diagnosis of the chief doctor inspects every week, oversees improvements and effect of the drugs, if necessary, change the treatment regimen or designate additional activities. 

In addition, every day in the clinic procedures before you inspect the doctor on duty, leads map changes and improvements. The clinic Veda Lanka also constantly have a translator who knows all ayurvedic terms.

05 Recommendations after medical treatment

At the final consultation, the doctor is for you a set of recommendations for 3-6 months:

  • Recommendations on diet after undergoing treatment
  • Recommendations for the daily routine, tailored to the individual
  • Assigns ayurvedic natural medicines that you can take with you and take yourself to continue improving your body

You can always go to the clinic Veda Lanka to clarify information or advice by email, phone or Skype.



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